New Bill Needs A Faithful U.S. Department Of Justice To Assure The Enforcement Of Animal Cruelty Crimes

Senator Mike Braun of Indiana, and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, the bipartisan Animal Cruelty Enforcement Act was introduced to ensure that the federal government has a special agency for the enforcement of animal cruelty laws. Senators Braun and Whitehouse were assisted by the original co-sponsors, Senators John Kennedy, Martha McSally and Richard Blumenthal.

The Animal Cruelty Enforcement Act would enact a special animal cruelty crimes division at the Department of Justice (DOJ) to assist in the investigation, enforcement and subsequent prosecution of animal cruelty crimes. The Ministry of Justice should also report annually on progress in the implementation of animal mis word legislation.

“America has recently taken great steps to make animal mis word a reality with new laws to protect animals from ill treatment and ill-treatment, but we need additional measures to ensure these laws are enforced across the country and track our progress in eradicating animal mis word.

Over the past two years, several important animal welfare laws have significantly expanded the scope and depth of animal mis word laws in the federal books.

As previously reported by Agency, the Act on the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Ill treatment, and the Act on parity in the application of Cruelty to animals, and this is the Act on the Safety of animals and Women, an important new law added to the federal code. These laws were gone with considerable support from both parties to address animal cruelty issues head-on, recognizing the growing body of research that closely links harshness against animals to harshness against people.

“I am pleased to join my colleague Senator Braun in introducing this bill to protect animal welfare,” said Senator Whitehouse. “We need to ensure that laws relating to gross negligence and cruelty to animals are clear and enforceable, and that the Department of Justice has the resources it needs to prosecute them.”

In recent years, the Department of Justice has taken steps to devote significant time to reviewing animal mis word reports and investigating event. However, in view of the large influx of laws on books, it is important that a special section be created.

“People who mis word innocent animals often target their harshness against innocent people. The Animal Cruelty Act Enforcement Act would better help prevent and prosecute animal mis word, and I am proud to work with Senator Braun and my colleagues to protect our communities from sick people who target defenceless creatures,” concluded Senator Kennedy.

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