Some Of The Finest Container Vegetables For Pots And Planters

Vegetables in them are a wonderful option for people who do not have a garden plot. Determining which vegetables to grow in recipes does not need to be difficult. In this post, I’ll talk more about how to choose the best vegetables for pots and planters, and share a list of my top picks.

One of the biggest benefits of content culture is that you have total control over the environment. This is especially beneficial for vegetables, as you can provide the perfect soil, water and sunlight they need to produce all these delicious foods.

You don’t have to make sacrifices either. Growing vegetables in pots on a balcony, patio or terrace can produce the same amount of traditional garden plot food. Woohoo!

There are tons of excellent vegetables to grow in containers. Below I will show you how to determine which ones are the best, and then I will give you a list of some of my favorite vegetable plants.


How do you know which vegetables are good for container gardening? This is an excellent question, and one that I am asked a lot.

The good news is that virtually any type of vegetable can be grown in a pot, provided you use the right container for it. But, if you are new to the container vegetable garden, then it is better to start with the easiest ones.

Here are some quick tips for choosing vegetables for container gardens…

  • Choose small compact vegetable plants
  • Avoid heavy climbers or vining vegetables
  • Look for varieties labeled as “patio”, “bush ” or “container” vegetables”
  • Choose vegetables that are proportionate to the size of the pot you want to use


Now that you know what to look for when choosing garden vegetable plants, it’s time to share my list. It’s not supposed to be an all-inclusive list. But, these are some of the best vegetables for container gardening to get you started…

1. Eggplant-If you’re a big fan of eggplant, you might be surprised to learn that it’s super easy to grow in pots and planters (and looks gorgeous too!). Eggplant needs full sun and fast-draining soil. You can also add a cage or stakes to help support them as they grow and are heavy with fruit.

2. Chard-Another great vegetable plant, chard is a cool seasonal crop that you can harvest all summer long. They are great for adding tons of color to your potted vegetable garden too. Chard can grow anywhere from shade to sun, and works best in well-draining soil.

3. Determined Tomatoes-Also known as bush tomatoes, determined tomatoes are made for pot growing. They need plenty of sunlight and fast draining soil to produce the best crop. It is especially important to regularly water your baguette plants containerized tomatoes pour avoid problems such as cracking and rotting of the flower.

4. Pi – Wine and bush peas grow well in pots. But be sure to choose a great recipe for wine varieties, and either put them into play or add a small trellis so that they climb. For best results, be sure to give pea plants plenty of water and protect them from the hot sun.

5. Courgettes-Although not commonly grown as garden vegetables, courgettes work great in large pots. Zucchini plants are very fond of the sun and moist (but not soggy) soil. Once they grow larger, you can add a small trellis to help support the plant, if desired.

6. Peppers – There are tons of different types of peppers, and all grow very well in containers. Peppers are my favorite vegetables to grow in pots, and they require little care. Give them plenty of sun and let the soil dry slightly between waterings, but never let it dry completely.

7. Okra-Okra is a wonderful garden vegetable garden that is both very productive and has beautiful flowers. Place them in the sun for best results. They do not like wet feet, so plant them in soil that has good drainage and let it dry a little between watering. Okra plants can grow quite high, so use a large pot for them.

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